miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011


In this world there are so many people and each with something special that makes us different, unique.
That something (other than physical) is the way of being, thinking, feeling, that allows us to do many things and it is what makes us a barrier for not performing.
Among those we met you / I, we. Are so different, but perhaps the same age have the same issues and challenges, thanks to our strengths (which I hope are many) we will meet and overcome.
All have strengths, although some live in denial (emotional life) and do not want to see why so many people are depressed and to be the easy way out: death.
For example, some people see life in pink, although many people say it is gray, gray and perhaps different this is its strength, not locked into a different world, but sometimes see the life of pink pain prevents you and this is also a strength. What makes us strong is strength.
Speaking different languages, being positive about the various difficulties that arise in life, are strengths
, very important to me, and hopefully it will be for you.
Al ready talking about me (because it assumes that this should be a job where I expose my strengths and difficulties), I have strengths that will serve me get to where ever imagine, really do not know where, but I feel it's something big, something that will make me happy, enjoy life.
one of them is my ability to find positive to many things, not to judge, to really know people before you speak ill of them, I think this is more of my attitude, but it is something beyond, is my personality that is my strength, not so much as speaking English to perfection (which does not give me any good) if the facility to actually manifest as I am without masks (I think), and this in the future could serve to make things right, not as officials now that the pure frauds live in, I think  it as something to do with the values
​​and training.
So good, plus I have many challenges to get to that unimaginable place (seriously I have no idea what it is), such as not knowing how to speak English, I speak like I was stuttering so to speak, another challenge would be my personality (if you know I said it was my strength, but no one has a very good humor), this attitude has to do with my behavior, because I love the relaxation and fun. I love it. But that's something that over time, thanks to maturity (please arrive already) I will overcome and turn it into a fortress.
This is how we all have many challenges to achieve what we want, but we also have many strengths that can overcome the challenges to come, you just need to understand that we can achieve all that we propose, we have that capacity, that we are humans, not animals.
You just have to create it.

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Hello! Itza.
You have done an excellent work! just keep up working and pay attention in class.

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